Improve Your Technique with the 330 Pentatonic Scales

Having a large number of scale patterns, 330 pentatonic scales in this case, is a great excuse for a technical workout, which means you can put aside the theory of intervals and what-not to use the scales as a source of patterns for practicing technique. Here’s what you do:

1. Choose a page from the site at random – each page contains ten scales.

2. Play through all the scales in the position given using alternate picking, starting both on an upstroke and on a downstroke.

3. Take the first pattern on the page and move it across string sets as follows:


Remember to take into account the warp factor wherever the B-string is involved, if you need a refresher on this, it’s right here. Repeat with the rest of the patterns.

4. Take a break if you haven’t already!

5. Take the first pattern and move horizontally with it up and down the fretboard one fret at a time. Rinse and repeat with all patterns on all string sets.

6. Take another break then start over!

While this might seem like a tedious exercise to some, you won’t believe how beneficial it is. The main benefit to gained here is that it forces your fingers to move in ways may not ever move if you just stick to major scale, modal and the basic major and minor pentatonic patterns. If you use this site on a regular basis, you’ll start to notice an increased flexibility in your fingers and hands, plus if you pay attention with your ears too, you’ll also be reinforcing that connection.

Try it out and remember to stop if it hurts!

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